The Future in the Lense of the Past

There are many parallels between now and the ‘60s/’70s. Social movements that existed in this time are happening today such as race, gender, and wealth equality.

As an admirer of ‘60s and ‘70s design, I have been noticing a huge influx of art and design influenced by this era as well.  A good example of where this is happening is in music and pop culture.  There are many artists in recent years who have released music projects that are influenced by this time period.  As a fan of this style, I am really excited about its resurgence, and I saw this as a great opportunity to center my project around my favorite era of design.  The goal of this project is to exhibit the cyclical nature of design and of life in general.  Upon viewing the work, viewers should be compelled to think about the synchronicities of life during the ‘60s/’70s and now.  Additionally, the viewer will be led to consider what an innovative tech company from today would look like during this time.  The idea around my project is to use design as a way to play with the viewers' conception of time and to make viewers consider the parallels between now and then.  A large question I am answering is how and why does design connect us to this time period?

About the Designer

Cats. Arts. Diet Dr Pepper. Green. Crossfit. Lavender Scents. Drawing. Non-Fiction Books. Cooking. Wearing Black. Biking. Experimental Music. Overcast Weather. Antique Glass. The Twilight Saga. Introverted Activities. Travel. Beans. Spiraling Over The Climate Crisis. Skincare. Tattoos. Over-Medium Eggs. Introspection. Sunsets. Broad City. Thrifting. Caffeine.