Lush Family Line 

When I started my senior project, my goals were very broad. I wanted to work on a skincare line and design packaging. After researching and further developing my objectives and
ambitions I came up with the idea I called “The Lush Family Line.” The concept of this project was to redesign the packaging of Lush’s existing product line and also create a kit for those products. I chose to redesign an existing brand’s line so that I could really focus on the package design as opposed to having to work through branding an entirely new line. This also allowed me more experience in working within brand guidelines which is more practical skill I wanted to learn as a current entry level designer.

My intentions with this line were to expand their original demographic without losing their core value/goals. Lush’s current demographic is women ages 16 – 34. Their demographic is also more ethically driven in their consumer habits. I wanted to expand the age of their demographic without losing their brand goals of being an affordable, ethically conscious brand
or losing their “fun and playful” style.

About the Designer

My name is Ellie Kutschbach. I am a senior in the graphic design program and after enjoying the last five years at St. Edward’s university, I am praying that this is my last year. In my free time outside of class, you can find me enjoying time with my friends and family or endlessly scrolling through social media. I have a bad habit of starting hobbies and not seeing them through so depending on the week you might also find me doing something like reading, baking, painting, or whatever else I thought might be fun to try. The rest of my time is spent bartending on the weekends however I am hoping to change career paths soon.