Imagine you are bored out of your mind either in a class, a meeting or anywhere you take notes, and you start doodling off on the corner. You first doodle a lighting bolt then a cloud and along the way you create the GOD OF THUNDER!  You snap back to reality and probably missed a point or two from the teacher/ or boss, but that's okay it hopefully wasn’t too important. I have always enjoyed drawing on my homework and I love photography so how do I combine the two?? DRAWING ON PICTURES! This project was just supposed to be a compilation of “pretty pictures”  which included my style of drawing. I started out with photos of family and friends and just drew them in random spaces creating an aura around them to fill up space. Expanding that idea, I walked around the streets taking photos of interesting people, making small talk and went along with my day. I looked at the photos and edited them and like a child believing the floor is lava, I started creating how I felt the world looked like within the photos. A man walking through space, a beautiful woman with a loving smile having hearts bursting out of her, a badass with tattoos moving around him. All of this ends up with creating a magazine of people, from different backgrounds and identities having a space of art. Showcasing it in a magazine where each page is having a new environment or expression. This was a new challenge for me as a designer because I wanted to communicate something without any words.

About the Artist

I am an animator who specializes in photography and graphic design. My background is heavily influenced by my mexican heritage and my queerness. My content varies depending on the visual art. My photography is more of a portrait style to capture personality and intimacy. My designs are more cartoonish and vibrant coloring. I have commissioned multiple posters for events that my university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has hosted. My animation is influenced by old 2D animation, I enjoy a drawing style of animation with an elastic feel to it.