Polaris-sama, Please Grant My Wish!

I‘ve always wanted to create a comic, and finally getting to it I think I should share the things I’ve discovered while working.  This project is all about self discovery on my part.  In a way it’s an exploration of the depth of knowledge that I have on human emotions.  Particularly that of love.  Love is so often depicted in the media all around us so casually that sometimes I think that it has lost meaning.  As someone who has never been in a relationship I want to see how accurately/in accurately I can depict a fictional relationship between two characters.  Will the media I’ve consumed throughout my life so far affect the way I depict relationships?  Will what I’ve heard firsthand from others do the same?  How close to reality can my depiction of love from someone who has never experienced it be?

About the Designer

Ethan Belveal is an aspiring illustrator and graphic designer that is striving to create meaningful work.  While he may be starting out, he’s mainly focused on creating illustrations for comics and other graphic content.  With years of drawing experience this is both his comfort and confidence zone.

password: PINK_BLOOD