Art and design were an integral part of my upbringing. My father is an art dealer and my mother an art teacher - turned home builder/interior designer. I was constantly encouraged to create, and my artwork was celebrated equally to that of classwork successes by my parents. I don’t think I truly appreciated those influences until I began to struggle with depression as a teen. It was at this time that art became a lifeline for me. Art is an expression of what you feel and who you are, narrated through imagery; An artist’s work often provides glimpses into their conscious and subconscious. As I struggled, creating art became a tool to soothe, calm and express my feelings. My art became an unapologetic lens used to express my perspective of my world at any given moment. Teenage angst was a common theme in my early expressions of self-discovery. I began with journaling, which typically led off with a descriptive doodle to express my feelings at that moment. I then turned to charcoal figure drawings, photography, sticker making, collaging and finally graphic design.

I began to scan images that I had created over the years and found that incorporating these into artworks with my newly developing graphic design skill was very cathartic. That process helped bring some insight and clarity to the very person who I have become. My work entitled Finding Meaning is a piece that encourages the viewer to wind through the pale pink twisting lines, back and forth between the 4- 24” x 36” panels on a journey of self-reflection. Personal growth comes from contemplating introspective snapshots that evoke feelings and memories. It is through this notion that the viewer is encouraged to answer the question for themselves; What is meaningful to you?

About the Designer

My name is Maddie Skidmore and I am a graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. Currently, I am an intern at Polkadot Paper Company, where I create pinterest advertisements, design stationery and make content for their blog. I specialize in visual graphics and collages, user experience/interface, and content design. Throughout my designs, I enjoy incorporating different mediums such as pen and ink, watercolor, typography and photography to add depth and versatility. I hope to work in the graphic design field after graduation in the Spring of 2022.