Propogating Pothos Plants

During the 2020 lock down, I found myself yearning for new hobbies for any sort of escapism. After deep diving on the internet for a way to make more plants with out spending money, I found the art of plant propagation. Plant propagation is the process by which new plants grow from a variety of sources, like seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. Propagating plants helped me find a meditative state when the whole world was chaos. The process of the roots forming and growing was mesmerizing. I multiplied my plants within a few months and would obsessively check for new root growth. I wanted to make a zine with my new found hobby and love. The process of creating and constructing the zine first, I started studying and illustrating the growth of new pothos cuttings lifecycle. I mapped out the layout of the zine using the gathered information and illustrations.

About the Designer

Rocki Stanley is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Austin, TX. She works across many mediums and focuses on surrealism and graphic art pop.