Encapsulating The Vibe

To me, design is the lens that allows me to see the beauty in the world and utilize it to help bring color to everyday life. Since I started studying design I’ve noticed more small things that make something unique and realize why people love popular things like music videos.

Design is everywhere from the apps we look at on our phones to even the handle choice on your car door, everything we see and consume involves some sort of aesthetic choice. My favorite part of design is the implementation of colors because color gives the most emotion to a piece. My favorite artists are Victor Moscoso, Wes Wilson, and Alphonse Mucha. Moscoso has been a major influence on my work since discovery. His posters helped create the psychedelic art era with vibrant colors and inventive use of typography.

When I design I love the use of bright and vibrant colors with retro and psychedelic themes. What I want to accomplish as a designer is to bring color and emotion to the world through my work. My project is a set of animations that seek to encapsulate the feeling a song portrays. The animations were inspired by Mac Millers Faces album in which the music videos are just simple animations stylized to fit the feeling of the song. I used a variety of styles and colors to portray different emotions from what I imagine and feel from a song. My research process is six steps: research, conceptualization, art, deeper research, font, and color.

About the Designer

Hello, my name is Rylan I am a graphic designer who loves to utilize color to give life to my work. My style is more retro and psychedelic which leads to vibrant colors and a more old-school or futuristic feel.