VegFluence is a vegetarian food truck that promotes healthy living by serving cruelty-free delicious eats on the go. We aim to provide affordable, healthy meals to our environmentally-conscious customers. The packaging and cutlery are biodegradable and our menu is eco-friendly. The design is inspired by Neo-Geometric Conceptualism that utilizes geometric abstraction and criticizes the industrialism and commercialization of current culture.

My goal in designing VegFluence is to create a brand identity for a small business that is aligned with my beliefs and values of promoting sustainability, ethical consumption, and affordability. Around the time I started my academic career at St. Edward’s University, I was confronted with how my daily choices and purchases directly impact our environment. I began to educate myself on how to “vote with my dollar” and started supporting brands and products that were making a real change in reducing our carbon footprint. When I first moved to Austin, my favorite thing to do was try new food trucks around the city since there is such a wide variety and it was affordable for me and my college friends. This has inspired me to create a brand identity for VegFluence in hopes that in the future I can make an impact with my designs and help businesses that align with my beliefs.

About the Designer

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Stef is a student at St. Edward’s University where she is completing her BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. She enjoys creating connections in her visual narratives through a strong use of geometric patterns. She is fascinated by the innovative nature of design and she gathers her inspiration from the natural world that can be seen heavily through her photography. In her free time she enjoys upcycling thrifted clothes, spending time with her dog Max, and exercising her spirit and body.